Menschen Frauen Kinder Rechte

Today, over 90% of Egyptian girls face the violence of Female Genital Mutilation - in an environment of general male violence against women, harassment, intimidation, deprivation and oppression

The following great piece from Hank Pellissier dates back to February 2011 – which could explain his obvious optimism that the „revolution“ could have lead to a democratisation.

While today – one year later – there are worries indicated that the signs in Egypt are more pointed to an Islamist regime than to democracy – the essence and questions of this article remain more actual than ever:

„What’s the point of the Egyptian Revolution if it doesn’t stop female genital mutilation?
If girls are chopped bloody, sexually-deducted, was the 18-day struggle at all productive?
Egypt gave itself a Mubarak-tomy – Now its time to end clitoridectomy
Let us condemn F-G-M“ (mehr …)